Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 5 Episode 10

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 5 Episode 10

Movie Plot: A story about a gold miner who is betrayed and the dog that seeks out justice for him. Stars Lassie as Shep the dog. Also riffed was the short “Body Care and Grooming.”

On the SOL: the ‘bots put on a late-night show / the crew invents a subliminal message machine / Crow and Servo debate if the woman in the short was better off clean of dirty / Servo tries melting down Crow for the gold. Unfortunately, it turns out he’s made of Kevlar / the crew discusses whether Shep had the right to take out vengeance without using the proper authorities.

In Deep 13: Dr. Forrester invents a generator that uses your heart as a source of fuel / Dr. Forrester has to buy Frank a new heart, since his old one was worn out from being hooked up to the generator.

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Episode Title: The Painted Hills

Air Date: 1993-09-26